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Funding is equivalent to oxygen for any start-up, especially in the initial stages. But acquiring funding is easier said than done; it’s a lengthy process that diverts the attention of the new entrepreneur from execution of his startup’s idea to multifarious meetings, never-ending calls with investors and a great amount of valuable time spent in managing treeware. This process doesn’t end before you have exhausted the most important months of your company’s early life in obtaining funds.

Startup CFO’s act as an aide for your young establishment by minimizing the gap between you and your investors. We are in the practice of formulating an investment strategy for your startup, aiding you on every step to make informed financial decisions.We hold expertise in the procedures related to fundraising- from preparing your investor dossiers to framing an investment pitch; we ensure completion of various documents and prerequisite formalities that you may require in the process of hitting the apex with your potential investors.Taking into consideration the significance of time and market need for a startup, we offer an array of products and services that further support your funding journey.

Investor benefits to get associated with Us

We work for the investors and startups alike. A company prospers on the basis of its futuristic approach in the matters of finance and business growth. If you wish to invest in a new market player, Startup CFO’s will be present at every step to help you weigh the capacity of the startup and evaluate its potentiality to successfully execute its business model in the real-time world. We provide financial consultancy service to ensure your money is invested in a promising venture.


Business Financial Model and Forecasting

The most important task towards a successful investment stint would be completing your financial model in every aspect. Hence, the financial model in investor community is known as God sheet. The financial forecasting is must to reflect growth and investment need and the right use of money. We can help you identify and assess Revenue & cost Drivers,Unit Economics,Financial Statement with Projections,Key Performance Indicators,Sources/Uses of Funds,Valuation And many other tailored aspects


When you go to your investors to seek funds for your new venture, you need to “present your case” in more than ‘just impressive’ way. How much your would-be company is valued and what is the methodology behind that, should be known to your investors. Startup CFO’s ensure that you get what you are expecting or at least, strike a deal that is somewhere close to your expectations and not at discount.

Competitor Analysis and Market Sizing

It is always in the benefit of a company to do its SWOT as well as its competitor’s. Knowing your opponent helps you stay a step ahead of them and plan competitively. We aid you at every step to dichotomize your contemporaries as well as measure your market’s size to safeguard that your way to success is free of hurdles.

Investor Presentation/ Deck

You must have heard that the first impression is the last impression; therefore, your investors’ related documents and presentation material must be meticulously formatted, arranged accurately and easy to understand and at the same time covers all the aspects that investor is curious to know. Startup CFO’s ensure these aspects of your investor deck while also including the idea behind your young venture and its strategies for different stakeholders.

Idea Validation

Many young entrepreneurs fail to realize that an idea must be tested before it has gone out to the investors seeking funding. We help you validate your plan through methodical market research and obtaining expert insights to test if it would be able to withstand market dynamics.

Deal Support

For smooth completion of a deal, we provide thorough assistance. From its initial stages to the execution of the deal, Startup CFO’s keep an eye on every formality and terms and conditions. We hold expertise in managing financial collaterals and carrying out structured deals.


Suppose a person who looks “more or less like a entrepreneur” comes and pops an idea of a start-up with an expectation of finance from you. What will you do? With just the feeling of seemingly impressed and highly convinced, will you put in your money in this idea? Definitely no. this is where Startup CFO’s enter. We help you in making well-informed and properly researched investment decisions.

Assistance in Pitched Deals

Once you see a deal that is “almost there,” you can get it assessed with Startup CFO’s to analyze whether this shall be a successful transaction or not. We give you a thorough scorecard and your own assessment report based on several factors and parameters. We also help you get actionable inputs so that you can easily sift through thousands of ideas and shortlist a deal that shows worthiness in terms of venture.

Due Diligence

When you are giving the debt or equity to a start-up, due diligence plays a vital role to make an investment into successful investments. Startup CFO’s not only perform due diligence of all the documents but also perform this exercise on stakeholders associated with startups to ensure everything is place to avoid future problems.

Deal Support

Once you have finalized the deal and analyzed the dissected segments of this transaction, we can offer you the systematic deal support. We provide you complete managerial assistance and services through following traits-


a. Term Sheet- We help you prepare it meticulously and with word-by-word understanding. Startup CFO’s have professionals who can read in between the lines to understand the nitty and gritty of complex agreements.


b. Structured Deals- Startup CFO’s help you finalize a deal that is properly structured, so that in the near future or in case of disputes, there isn’t any clause that is left for argument.


c. Negotiations- We also help you have negotiations and work in a way that is win-win for both the parties and at the same time saves time of both the parties.

Opportunity Identification

Startup CFO’s ensure that your investment goes into a start-up that will make a name in the industry sooner than later. We help you delve deep into 1000s of applications submitted for investment prospects and help you identify the next unicorn.


a. New Investment opportunities– We help you explore new opportunities by exploring and thoroughly analyzing what is and what is not, good for investments. Startup CFO’s think of all sides.


b. Synergy Alliances– Startup CFO’s properly go through your investment company and try to find complimentary and supplementary companies for synergy alliances.

Tracking of Portfolio Investments

You may have decided to have a comprehensive portfolio for investment in a start-up . Startup CFO’s help you track your portfolio of startup investments with a tinge of expertise. We give you a tidy compilation of your portfolio investments with up-to-date info.

Opinion on valuations

Our opinions on valuations are highly professional and factor all the aspects to be assessed from investment perspective. We have many scorecards and in-house developed methodologies which perform startup valuation from both qualitative and quantitative aspects.


Become an expert in overcoming difficulties and take the chance to make, enact, connect and contribute. We trust in united economies – no one but together would we be able to understand our most astounding potential for development.


Think the way it ought to be. Thoughts are all that matter and with your thoughts you can create a startup you dream of.


Let us help you with a chance to create a startup domain that encourages dynamic operations and ground breaking arrangements.


Validate your actions with your ideas with our help to create a dynamic progression.


Enact the concealed assets of your organization to make another Status Quo and get our individual custom-made counsel.


Be a piece of the new economy and find most encouraging open doors for your next venture.


Plug into the nearby startup biological system, connect with imaginative new companies and find new business conceivable outcomes.

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Swati Shahji

Swati is a start-up enthusiast and the lady behind this show. She started this venture to help start-ups and entrepreneurs because she believes that the effort matters.

Rohit Sakhwalkar

Mr. Rohit is an IIM Ahmedabad & IIT Kharagpur graduate. He has worked with multiple investment banks and credit rating agencies. He currently runs his own start-up Food Walk Trails and is associated with us as an advisor.

Aditya Rallan

Mr. Aditya is an MDI Gurgaon graduate and is associated with us as an advisor. He possesses a decade of experience working with software and financial giants. He loves brainstorming with start-ups on disruptive ideas.

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